Mike Cheves For City Council Seat 5

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Mike Cheves

Mike Cheves

Mike Cheves is a societal transformer with decades of experience leading organizations through the daunting task of focusing on the right thing at the right time, all of the time. A fiscally conservative minister with a passion for reorienting systems that have gone astray, Mike Cheves has the experience and quality character traits to lead Denton with competence, compassion and fair treatment of all our citizens.

Public Safety & Infrastructure

Our community is rapidly growing into a bustling city and we must take action to insure that our safety is not compromised in the process and that our existing infrastructure is maintained to a far better degree than we have done so far.

Mike Cheves has the knowledge and experience necessary to grow our city without compromising on our safety or maintenance needs.


Our city council has been plagued with a number of issues over the last years including major conflicts of interests in city development, personal attacks on citizens from council members and  active attempts to prevent the community from giving input.

Our citizens deserve better treatment than this. This city can not function without proper citizen input.

Fiscal Responsibility

Denton’s key to success will be smarter spending. Our city needs leadership that not only can prepare a budget, but can understand the effects of that budget. By optimizing existing city programs, cutting out wasteful spending and making smart economic policies that encourage growth, Denton can become a great place to live, work and play without putting additional strain on our taxpayers.