Zero Based Budgeting Framework
Reduction of Taxes

Once critical budgeting reform is implemented, reduction of taxes is a no-brainer. By focusing on the right thing, at the right time, all the time, we can address the critical issues that face our community and eliminate the programs that are inefficient. We should never have money sitting in funds that could be allocated for immediate and critical use.

Being a common “cents” conservative means that I will be critical of not only new programs, but existing programs as well. Many projects that we have could be lower cost to us and improved overall by moving them to the private sector. It’s time for the City Council to embrace the free market while continuing observation to ensure our citizens are being taken care of in a way they deserve.

Combining this and zero-based budgeting, we can approach taxpayer funds with a business mindset that will yield the most effective results while reducing taxes.

Prioritization of Public Safety


City council has a level of accountability that is not being met. There are too many kids in danger because of lack of sidewalks or proper lighting. For example, Ryan High School has been built for over 20 years and we still don’t have acceptable measures implemented to ensure the students’ safety.  Protecting our children should be our highest priority.

However, sidewalks and lighting are not the only public safety issues Denton faces. The number of firemen per truck recommended to be most effective is six, but currently, only three are being used per truck. Our firemen and our citizens deserve the most effective level of response that can be provided.

We need to make sure that we’re cutting the budget in the right places, and public safety should be LAST on the chopping block. Denton deserves to be a beacon for public safety; it’s common “cents” to use taxpayer money to realize this goal.

Responsible Economic Development
Formalized Ethics Reforms

I believe City Council members should be held to a formalized ethical standard. After consulting 100+ companies in the last 25 years, I have developed guiding principles that WORK. I expect to be held accountable to these standards and implementation across all City Council members is critical.

As a City Council member, I will:

  • Maintain a professional attitude by demonstrating truth and honesty at all times, as well as encouraging team-based collaboration, which fosters the environment in which professional criticism can exist without making it personal.
  • Deliver value and build a strong, productive work team by owning my issues and focusing on root causes and fixes, not secondary or tertiary symptoms. I will always think strategically, and execute tactically. I will promote others instead of tearing them down and using blame-shifting.
  • Meet time commitments by attending meetings, arriving on time, and providing results as and when committed.
  • Communicate actively with a sense of purpose, with frequency, and without hesitation.
  • Resolve problems and conflicts the same day without destructive gossip or triangulation by involving a third party unnecessarily. My conflict resolution process has clearly defined stages with escalation only when necessary. I will not hold bitterness about the decision that was made, whether or not I agree.
Streamlined Infrastructure Projects

Much of our local infrastructure is falling apart. We need a plan to prioritize projects and construct them in a way that is not only satisfactory, but sustainable and cost effective in the long term. Having an extensive background in construction, I not only recognize the importance of a renovated infrastructure, but understand every aspect of development – from the type of concrete to the best prices. I will not be swayed by smooth-talking salespeople that often manipulate those unfamiliar with the industry. I will ensure that plans for application of projects are quality, efficient, low-cost, and practical.

Non-Governmental Poverty Plan

The best way to reform poverty is to provide individuals with a thriving and diverse job market. By reforming City Council to be easier to work with, we can bring in businesses that will not only create jobs, but also have compassion for the community they are part of – without incentives. Encouraging businesses to donate to or participate with non-profits providing immediate help to the community will take this away from government responsibility, thereby reducing taxes and costing businesses less in the long-run. The jobs these employers provide means a healthier community in general, resulting in a lower crime rate and a higher quality of living.